Oytun Orgül is a freelance director of photography and lighting cameraman based in Istanbul. He has a BA degree in Film and TV.

He has been working in film and television industry since 2003. He works in filming projects both in Turkey and various countries around the world, for many national and international production companies or TV channels. The projects he took part as a director of photography or camera operator, have been broadcasted in various international TV channels such as National Geographic, BBC and CNBC. Also, screened at some film festivals around the world.

He made filmings for various projects under difficult mountain or nature environments like Antarctica, Pamir Mountains and Himalayas. Beside the filmings he does on land, he is also doing aerial and underwater filming works, too. He did aerial filming works with paramotor in many regions around Turkey. In 2011, he carried his profession to underwater and started to do underwater videography, too.

In 2011, he was chosen for Sony’s Independent Certified Expert (ICE) programme, which brings successful media professionals from all around Europe together. Within this program, he is getting trainings about new camera models, presenting masterclasses and trainings about cameras and video technologies.

He has been taking photographs since 2002. Some of the photographs he shot were published in some magazines and books, including foreign publications, from time to time together with his articles.

He is a member of Cinematographers Association of Turkey and Union of Film and Television.




Production Companies

Tarmak Films, UK
Al Jazeera International, UK
Lion Television, UK
Firefilms, UK
Anglo Filming, UK
ORTV International, UK
Rockhopper TV, UK
ShootMedia, UK
Twofour Digital, UK
Tailored Media, UK
Blink Films, UK
FleishmanHillard Fishburn, UK
Reuters Plus, UK
Hungry Gap Productions, UK
Made in London Media, UK
Fulwell 73, UK
Vox Pops International, UK
Lonelyleap, UK
Something Media Limited, UK
Noon Films, UK
The Economist Films, UK
RadicalMedia, UK
In Focus Productions, UK
Across the Pond, UK
InEvidence, UK
Windfall Films, UK
Mallinson Sadler Productions, UK
Duck Productions, UK
The Moment, UK
TBD Media, UK

Compass Light Productions, USA
Eyes of the World Productions, USA
EFX Media, USA
Providence Pictures, USA
Doctors of the Dark Side Prod., USA
Blink Media Inc., USA
Shutterstock Custom, Canada
Mmpro, Germany
Tiva Video Agency, Germany
Keystone Films, France
Wamip Films, France
Top Secret TV, Russia
Zenit Arti Audiovisive, Italy
Maximum Stage, Italy
Flickering Wall, Netherlands
United, Netherlands
Faber Audiovisiuals, Netherlands
Kro-Ncrv, Netherlands
Makmende Media, Netherlands
Adı Mayer Films, Austria
Atman Audiovisual, Spain
Films-Up Production, Spain
NHK, Japan
TV Tokyo, Japan
TBS, Japan
FTV India, India
AHB Films, Republic of South Africa
Green Apple Productions, Lebanon
Clap Productions, Lebanon
MA Productions
Spark Film Collective
Jaguar Projects
Hacıyatmaz Films
Haberci Productions
Ajans 21
Case Productions
AZ Celtic Films


United Nations
Pearson Education
Australian National University
Class 1-World Powerboat Championship
Turkish Radio and Television (TRT)
BBDO Turkey
Red Bull
Procter & Gamble
TV Trip, The Hotel Videoguide
Mediterranean Conservation Society
MESA Constructions
Istanbul Bilgi University Studios

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